If you love being out in the open water by yourself or with family and friends, then a pontoon boat can be a great investment. Pontoon boats have been gaining popularity recently, attracting a wide range of customers–from passionate anglers to parents who like taking their kids on swimming expeditions.

As a pontoon boat enthusiast myself, I quickly discovered that one of the most remarkable things about pontoon boats is in fact their versatility. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or what hobbies you enjoy, a pontoon boat is sure to bring plenty of value to your life.

Why should you buy a pontoon boat?

Your reasons for purchasing a pontoon boat ultimately depend on the activities and pastimes that you enjoy doing, or that you are planning to do.

However, one of the most common reasons why people buy pontoon boats is because it allows them to take cruising and partying to the next level. After all, the pontoon boat is dubbed as the “party boat” for a very good reason. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous can go out into the open sea, lounge under the sun, work on their tans and chat with their friends while enjoying a bottle of wine. With the right pontoon boat, you can enjoy these luxurious cruises too. With its plush seat, entertainment system and plenty of storage for food and drinks, the pontoon boat provides you and your guest the comforts of your living room right in the middle of the open water.

Of course, there are also fishing boats specifically designed for fishing expeditions. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then you are well aware that there are parts of the water that you can only reach by boat. There are now one-man pontoon boats that allow you to get to those prime fishing spots that you won’t otherwise get to on foot. These one-man pontoon boats are equipped with fishing features, such as rod holders, fish storage and even drink holders.

Pontoon boats also make it easier for you and your loved ones to enjoy a variety of watersports–from simple swimming trips to scuba diving expeditions. There are even pontoon boats that come fully equipped with amenities that let you camp overnight on water or on dry land.

What are the benefits of pontoon boats over other type of boats?

Even if you are already convinced that a pontoon boat can be smart purchase, chances are you are still wondering why you should choose a pontoon boat over other types of boats. Besides, cruising, fishing and watersports are also possible with other type of boats, right? Good question! Below, I have listed some of the benefits of pontoon boats when compared to other boat types.

  • Pontoon boats are generally more affordable. If budget is your number one concern, then you’ll be glad to know that pontoon boats are generally more affordable than other types of boats such as, say, deck boats. Of course, the price of the pontoon boat largely depends on the boat’s size, quality and features. A small, one-man, inflatable pontoon boat for fishing will only cost       over a couple of hundred dollars. On the other hand, a state-of-the-art crusing pontoon boat equipped with bells and whistles and that can accommodate up to 20 people can set you back as much as $60,000 or even more. This is obviously a lot of money but a deck boat with roughly the same specifications and features generally costs more. The bottom line: pontoon boats offer more bang for your buck.
  • Pontoon boats are specifically equipped for parties and cruises. Another thing that sets pontoon boats apart from other types of boats is the fact that they are specifically designed for luxurious cruising. Pontoon boats aim to make passengers feel like they are in a plush living rooom or a cozy patio, thanks to the plush seating, spacious deck, entertainment features and convenient amenities fo preparing food and drinks.
  • Pontoon boats offer a lot of versatility. With its wide range of functions and features, a pontoon boat simply offers versatility that other types of boats cannot. Whether you want to go alone or with your entire family, cruise for an afternoon or go camping for an entire weekend, have a barbecue or enjoy your favorite watersports, there is a pontoon boat that can answer your unique needs.

Popular Pontoon Boat Models

If fishing is your main objective for purchasing a pontoon boat, then there are plenty of affordable models that you can choose from. Below are three of the most popular pontoon boats in the market today.

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

This pontoon boat model is ideal for you if you are looking for a rugged and durable pontoon boat that is compact and lightweight at the same time. The boat features 8-foot pontoons and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs–more than enough for you to embark on a fishing trip with your complete gear and go home with a hefty catch.

Despite its powerful pontoons, the Roanoke is surprisingly easy to maneuver. It also has special storage features to ensure that you have plenty of space for your equipment and catch. Aside from the fabric platform behind the boat’s seat, the two armrests of the boat also double as spacious zippered pockets. Aside from these two main pockets, there are also multiple mesh pocket for smaller items. A mesh apron under the seat guarantees that nothing slips out onto the water.

The Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories also meet the ABYC standards, thanks to its complete safety features. These features include non-stick footrests that can also be adjusted to different lengths to ensure optimum comfort.

Classic Accessories Ponderay Frameless Inflatable Pontoon Boat

If you are looking for something even more lightweight and compact than the Roanoke Pontoon Boat, then this Ponderay Frameless Inflatable Pontoon Boat, also by Classic Accessories, is totally worth checking out. Like the Roanoke, the Ponderay has a 350-lb weight capacity.

What is remarkable about this boat is none other than its unique frameless design. Because oarlocks have also been integrated into the construction, you can easily deflate and fold the entire boat into one compact package that you can transport and store without problems. Despite its incredibly lightweight build, the Ponderay sports two 7-foot pontoons that have amazing stablity in the water. The hull itself has also been designed to make steering and navigating a breeze.

Like the Roanoke, the Ponderay also features a rear fabric platform behind the seat. The seat itself has a large pocet at the back. Side zippered pockets have also been integrated into the pontoons themselves, creating a very streamlined design.

Since the boat has no metal frame whatsoever, you also don’t have to worry about rusting in the future. This also means that you can fish in both freshwater and saltwater without worrying about your boat. Both the backrest and footrest are adjustable to help you get into the most comfortably sitting position.

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount

The last pontoon boat is none other than the Colorado XT Inflatable Boat, which also happens to be the most expensive in the bunch, thanks to its larger capacity and higher number of features.

The boat is equipped with powerful 9-foot pontooons which also have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. Instead of built-in side pockets, Colorado XT features removeable side pockets that you can detach from the boat and combine to build a large portable gear bag. Aside from these side pockets, the booat also has two insulated beverage holders that will not only securely keep your drink in place, but will also keep it warm. If you like fishing in cold weather then you probably know how handy this feature can be!

To make it easier for you to transport the boat to and from your favorite fishing spot, the boat also comes with a built-in transport wheel so you can easily push the boat when on land. Once you get to the water, the wheel can be folded up and stowed out of the way.

To make your fishing trip a breeze, this pontoon boat also comes equipped with a sturdy motor mount that you can use for trolling, three oar-lock positions and a stripping basket that can be removed so you can conveniently hold it over your lap.

Today’s pontoon boats have certainly come a long way, and more improvements continue to be made to further meet the demands of boating consumers. Fishing enthusiasts know that nothing can compare to the serenity and thrill of going to to their favorite river or lake fishing spot on their pontoon boat. The three pontoon boat models discussed above are some of the best fishing pontoon boats available in the market today.